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Technology that revolutionises the welding time of electrofusion fittings


Plastfast has accelerated the welding time of electrofusion fittings: it has introduced new cooling times that vary depending on the ambient temperature. With Plastfast, inspection times are faster and safer.

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Plastfast is a complete welding system for electrofusion fittings up to 355mm in diameter

UP TO 355mm

Complete system for electrofusion fittings with diameter from 50 to 355mm


Assured, faster waiting times for welding testing


Increased site productivity


100% Italian technology and production

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saldatura raccordi e temperatura ambiente

Method and certifications

The Plastfast system has applied DVS 2207 certified methodology, already in use for heated tool butt welding, to electrofusion fitting welding and has introduced new cooling parameters that vary depending on the ambient temperature.

The colder the temperature, the faster the welding time: patent pending Plastfast technology has certified new cooling times and applied them to its products

Ambient temperature

The Plastfast system is characterised by the connection of electrofusion fitting cooling times with the ambient temperature.

Thanks to new digital electronic technologies, Plastitalia has carried out an extensive program of measurement and calibration of fitting cooling times at different ambient temperatures, resulting in new cooling times.

saldatura raccordi e temperatura ambiente
saldatura raccordi e temperatura ambiente

Welding and control

For the first time, a fitting and control unit system is able to indicate the true welding cooling time based on the ambient temperature.

By means of I Plast 105f, I Plast 60f and I Plast 30f control units equipped with new software, the cooling times of Plastfast fittings up to a diameter of 355 mm can be reduced.

Plastfast allows for completely safe system testing because, for the first time in the world, the I Plast 105f, I Plast 60f and I Plast 30f control units (with new software) indicate the time that must elapse after welding before testing.

Plastfast is a brand

The world is increasingly more connected and faster: new construction and new works to improve the quality of our lives.

Plastfast helps you overcome the new challenges in construction sites around the world.

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